Why do Black Cats get such a bad rap?

I'm not so bad!

I'm not so bad!

It’s a pretty well-known and widely recognized superstition that black cats bring bad luck, but when did this come about? There have been many varying feelings toward black cats through-out history. Some of these feelings have been good and some of them bad, in this post we are going to set the record straight and let you judge for yourself whether or not these melanistic kitties are so scary.

In Ancient Egypt under the reign of Goddess Bast of the 22nd Dynasty, many Egyptians would bring black cats into their homes. These Egyptians believed that Bast’s spirit would be conjoined with the spirit of their cat and this would bring them good luck. They were thought so highly of that often they would also be mummified at death.

In Europe they also have a much better outlook on the little panthers. In Scotland, if a random black kitty shows up on your doorstep they believe it brings good luck. In other parts of Europe, a black cat crossing your path is also good luck, and if one enters your home it is extremely good luck.

The Change in perception is said to have come in 1232, when Pope Gregory IX thought that the cats were evil assistants to the devil. This led many Religious Fanatics to begin killing cats by means as unthinkable as burning them alive. The Puritans also believed that cats worked with witches which also led to their deaths.

It is widely accepted that the turn in perception from the thoughts that these felines being a bad omen stems from the more westernized Ideas of the color black being associated with evil. When the church began condemning these cats for their “work with the devil” it was primarily based off of their color and not much else.

In conclusion, there is no conclusion! It’s all a matter of what you choose to believe but I for one think all kitties are good kitties :)